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Comparison with other clients

This page compares typed-graphql-builder with Zeus and tql, as those were the two libraries that served as the primary inspiration.

typed-grapql-builder owes much of its API design to tql. Although our initial design sketches predate it, tql is still the principal inspiration for typed-graphql-builder's API, especially variables, aliases and selections, with only a few differences:

  1. scalar fields can be selected without method calls i.e. [,] instead of [,]
  2. the union selection method is called $on instead of on to more easily avoid conflict with existing field names
  3. fragments are supported via the fragment function

In terms of capabilities, there is one notable difference

  1. typed-graphql-builer can infer a variable placed anywhere in an input type.
  2. typed-graphql-builder supports custom mapping for scalars

The generated code is where most of the differences come from. Here, we took inspiration from the way graphql-zeus provides a compact map of all input types. In this way, we reduce the generated code size to ~ 25% of what tql generates.

The estimate is based on the Hasura generated schema of a large database included in the examples (x.graphql)

x.graphql3.43 MB0.71 MB

note: generated with tql v1.0.0-rc.10 and typed-graphql-builder v1.3.1