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Getting started

The easiest way to try typed-graphql-builder is to use npx. Lets generate a TypeScript API from Trevor Blades' example countries schema

npx typed-graphql-builder \
--schema \
--output generated-api.ts

We're using the GraphQL introspection API to generate the schema. Alternatively we can pass a local path to a schema file i.e. --schema ./my-schema.graphql.

The command will generate the library generated-api.ts. You can use this library to build type-safe queries against the specified schema.

The typescript file generated-api.ts has two small dependencies:

  • @graphql-typed-document-node/core - for the TypedDocumentNode types
  • graphql-tag to build a TypedDocumentNode from a query string

You should add them to your project's package.json

"dependencies": {
"@graphql-typed-document-node/core": "^3.1.1",
"graphql-tag": "^2.12.6",

Now you can use the query builder in your app by importing ./generated-api.ts.

Writing queries

Lets write a simple query that fetches some data about continents from our API. To do that, we can use the query function, which gives us access to the root query object of our schema. From there, we can access the countries query and select two country fields: name and code:

import { query } from "./generated-api"

const continentQuery = query(q => [
q.continents(c => [

The above code will generate a query of type TypedDocumentNode<{continents: Array<{name: string, country: string}>}, {}> which corresponds to the following GraphQL query string:

query {
continents {

Now if we wanted to add a query that takes the continent code as an input variable and returns a list of countries on that continent, we can use the $ helper from the generated API to specify the variable name. The type will be inferred automatically for us:

import { $, query } from "./generated-api"

const countryQuery = query(q => [
q.countries({ filter: { continent: { eq: $("continentCode") } } }, c => [
c.languages(l => []),

This will generate TypedDocumentNode<{ countries: Array<{...}>}, { continentCode: string }>, a typed document node that includes the input variable continentCode.

The GraphQL version of the above query is shown below:

query ($continentCode: String) {
countries(filter: { continent: { eq: $continentCode } }) {
languages {

Using queries

The queries written above can be used with any client library that supports TypedDocumentNode. For example, if using Apollo's useQuery, we would write the following:

const CountryListComponent = () => {
const continents = useQuery(continentQuery)
const [continent, setContinent] = useState("EU")

const countryList = useQuery(countryQuery, {
variables: {

// render the country list here

That's it! Feel free to explore the generated API further.